The Dangers of Dust and How to Limit Them

The Dangers of Dust and How to Limit Them

Dealing with dust is a common problem for anyone involved in any kind of mechanical or construction industry. However, finding reliable dust extraction systems can be surprisingly tricky. With that in mind, many businesses today are looking to invest in a reliable dust fume extraction system that can help to reduce air pollution. Not only are dust extraction regulations vital for COSHH compliance, but they can be a great way to protect your staff, your products and your equipment.

Dust extraction is a common problem for many workplaces; many companies invest in downdraught benches to help them control the pollution and contaminants within the air. However, dealing with ‘fugitive dust’ can be surprisingly challenging, which is why you need to prevent build-up as soon as possible. To prevent build-up, you want to invest in professional dust extraction that can keep the place tidier, cleaner, and healthier for everyone.

Dust is a pretty serious occupational hazard, especially when inhaled regularly. However, by investing in proper extraction systems, this problem becomes an issue of the past.

The risk of dust and why you need to prevent dust build-up

Dust comes in many forms, from silica dust that comes from working on construction materials like mortar and concrete to wood dust that comes from various wood and wood-based products. Of course, you also have dust that comes from things like marble, plasterboard, and even dolomite. As such, you must be ready to combat dust build-up where and when you can. The risk of dust and why you need to prevent dust build-up

You might not realise it, but dust comes with various issues that can cause long-term, even chronic, breathing problems. Indeed, dust can become a problematic issue that can lead to all manner of health problems. For example, continuously working in a dusty environment can lead to issues such as asthma, silicosis, and even chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

In even more extreme environments and circumstances, it could even be linked to rises in lung cancer. So, seeing dust particles in the air is not ‘part of the job’ or ‘an industry issue’ – it is a genuine health hazard that needs you to act quickly. Not only that, but dust can have a negative impact on the working conditions of your tools and your equipment. That can become expensive to deal with for many years down the line. Also, it only takes a small amount of exposure per day.

Dealing with dust safely

To prevent dust build-up, we recommend that you look to invest in proper dust extraction systems. In addition, you should also control dust build-up by using items like wet cutters and tools with dust extraction built-in.

You should also look to invest in protective respiratory equipment for your team and spend time adjusting the size and scale of equipment and materials used daily. However, investing in a thorough dust extraction and management system is not something you should hold off on. Instead, make this investment, and you can find it pays off in the long term for both productivity and the health of your staff.

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