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Welding Fume Extraction – What You Should Know Before Starting

Like many businesses, your company may need to invest in the use of fume extraction. Removing fumes from the air is vital for processes such as welding, plasma cutting, and similar applications. However, investing in an industrial fume extractor means making sure you fully understand the process. Before you go out and buy a welding fume extraction unit, you might wish to better understand the key facts prior to purchase.
Welding fume extraction is vital to staff safety, but it must be done in a contained, controlled, and secured way for the best results.

THE STANDARDS HAVE CHANGED.If you had a welding fume extractor fitted years ago, you might assume it is still in good condition. However, in 2019 weld fume was identified as a human carcinogen and the Health and Safety Executive changed their expectations for weld fume extraction, which means you may need to have a better quality of extractor installed.

The fumes and smoke released by welding and other industrial processes are now classified as a Group 1 carcinogen. So, you must have a high-standard fume extraction system in place.

WORK OUT YOUR EXACT NEEDSLocal exhaust ventilation is needed for any workshop that is used on the inside. Outside workshops do not always need local exhaust ventilation (LEV), but they do need to have protective equipment. Therefore, you should look to invest in a system that gives you the exact size requirements for your ventilation needs.

RPE MIGHT BE REQUIREDIf you cannot fully meet the need for local exhaust ventilation, you must ensure that all staff are wearing respiratory protective equipment. These fume masks are vital for staff to wear even with an industrial fume extraction system is in place. However, RPE is not a substitute for proper fume extraction.

GET THE RIGHT DESIGNOne of the best things to do prior to investing in industrial fume extraction machinery is to take a closer look at designs. An expert can show you the most needed areas for fume extraction. The more that you can do to keep fumes low, the healthier it is for your team.

YOUR EXHAUST SYSTEMS MUST BE MAINTAINEDLastly, make sure that you invest in fume extraction maintenance. Regular cleaning and management of your exhausts every month is essential, and quarterly checks for less commonly used machinery and equipment are expected. It is vital, though, that you get regular maintenance checks carried out to maximise performance and safety for all.

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