What is downdraught? Is there a difference between downdraft and downdraught?

What is downdraught? Is there a difference between downdraft and downdraught?

For years, one of the most common discussion points around building management has been the benefits of downdraught extraction. However, before we go any further into the discussion itself, you might be confused. Is downdraught the same thing as downdraft? In short, yes!

The original spelling, downdraught, is the UK spelling. Downdraft, by contrast, is the Americanised spelling. If you are looking for the ‘correct’ spelling in the UK, though, it is downdraught. However, for the most part, this is an interchangeable word – though, for the purposes of this article, we shall use downdraught. An additional point to note, in the UK, the word draft refers to a preliminary version of something, whereas draught is a movement of air.

What is downdraught?

To ensure staff safety within a facility, dust particles and fumes must be contained and dealt with. For many places of work, this will include using a downdraught table or something similar. The discussion has to revolve around various factors. How is the contaminant being generated? Where does it come from? And how does it impact upon the working environment?

The use of a downdraught bench has become a common alternative to using something like an extraction arm. If you’re dealing with large dust and fume build-up in an area, this can work exceptionally well to help remove the problem. The massive capture zones of a downdraught table can make it the perfect choice to help slow down the contaminant and then capture it in full.

Today, downdraught benches are commonly used to help provide a flexible option if you need different filtration options, depending on the application and industry it is needed for such as Welding and Grinding, Fabrication, Electronics etc. In addition, filter grades or types can be used to help make sure that the appropriate levels of fume and dust control are provided on a regular basis.

They also provide a safe working surface that an operator can work with. By having a dust extractor system that can still clean the air without requiring a manual operation, you ensure that particles and fumes are dealt with without having to take action.

Over time, these standalone tools ensure that dust particles and fumes controlled and are kept to a minimum. As such, the health of staff and operators can be looked after properly.

Downdraught extraction systems are popular for good reason

The primary benefit is in the name ‘Downdraught’– most of the dust or fume particles are moved downwards. This helps draw the contaminants downwards, ensuring that the problematic issues are drawn away, not towards the operator.

The benfits of Downdraught Extraction Solutions - AirBench LtdWhen installed properly, these extraction systems can quickly get rid of the most potent concentration of particles. This can make a big difference to the working conditions for any staff.

Today, downdraught extraction has become one of the safest ways to ensure that an operator is not put at unnecessary risk to pollution, contamination, and more. So, you should always look to consider a downdraught extraction solution when you want to meet all COSHH regulations and ensure that working operations are as safe as possible for your staff.

If you worry about the air quality within the workplace, then using downdraught extraction solutions can help to keep the air fresher and cleaner. This reduces the risk of breathing difficulties for staff, improving working conditions. A downdraught table and/or bench is a wise investment for any business looking to enhance air quality.

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