What is the different between Down Draught and Cross Draught

What is the difference between Downdraught and Cross-Draught?

When trying to find the right dust or fume extraction systems for your workshop, the main options you can choose from include downdraught and cross-draught. These two systems are commonly used for dust extraction when a workshop needs to have the air as clean as possible. This is common across numerous manufacturing industries and is also common in many workshops around the country.

When trying to find the best dust and fume extraction systems, you have quite a few different options to choose from. Most businesses will look at dust extraction solutions that can help them clear the air, eliminate any excess fumes, and ensure a safe working environment. The two main options, when considering high volume low velocity systems, are downdraught and cross-draught. If you want to find the right option for your environment, use this basic guide to compare the main features.


Downdraught extraction systems are very common, and they operate by taking the airflow downwards into the exhaust filters above.

300 Enclosure on AirBench FN Downdraught BenchThis is regarded by most as the easiest and most effective way to catch airborne contamination. For that reason, many people tend to use these systems to help make sure that dust, which naturally moves downward, is pulled into where it prefers to go naturally before being disposed of.

These downdraught systems tend to use various extraction filter systems to help capture as many fumes as possible. Depending on what is being removed from the air, specific types of filtration will be needed. Downdraught systems are typically capable of moving large quantities of air in high volumes, in a slow but specific process. This feels less powerful than higher pressure systems but can be faster to clear the irritants in the air – but it is also great for reducing power consumption, and managing running costs more effectively.



VertEx VA Cross-Draught BoothThe other option for the many users would be to use a cross-draught system. Cross-draught air extraction means that the dust is drawn across the room, horizontally, into a large extractor face. This is another low-speed solution but one that produces more power than the above through even higher air volumes. Therefore, this is more effective at getting rid of lots of dust, fumes, and other contaminants in the air.

If you are running a business where workpieces are large, and tend to be floor-mounted, with a large quantity of fumes and irritants in the air, then using a higher volume solution can be more effective. This helps to remove the pollutants from the air; AirBench cross-draught systems also use low energy EC fans to help make sure that energy consumption is still at an affordable level for most workshops.

When comparing downdraught versus cross-draught, users should focus on comparing the functions, the amount of irritants in the air, and the size of the workpiece. Also, focus on the available locations for extraction to be fitted and installed; cross-draught systems utilise more workshop floorspace but can provide better overall containment for the right process.

Still, installing a cross-draught or downdraught fume and dust extractor is recommended and often essential for many workshops and operators. Make sure you look into each option specifically so that you can make a choice you are 100% happy with today.

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