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AirWorks OMF by AirBench is now the UK’s leading coolant mist media filter. Customers throughout the UK and across Europe are equipped with our solutions – the most in demand, the OMF1000 Coolant Mist Filter and Air Cleaning System can be attached to most machine tools.

So, why should you rely on this ingenious filter solution?

OMF1000: Your Coolant Mist Filter Best Option

Unlike any other filter available, the OMF1000 is compatible with most industries:


Promoting easy access for the inevitable filter changes, the OMF1000 is a compact, stand-alone unit with a 500mm x 500mm footprint.


With a nominal airflow of 1000m3/h, it is designed for machine tools with open areas of up to 1.5m².

Unrivalled Compatibility

Specifically designed for 415 or 230v 3 phase supply in a 150mm clipped duct outlet, the OMF1000 can be wired to your machine tool.

World Class Technical Specifications

Complete with a filter gauge that includes a filter full indicator, a HEPA cartridge designed to remove submicronic particulate to 99.9% efficiency and a pre-filter with high efficiency filter media construction for oil/coolant mist with non-clogging properties, OMF1000 assures a long and reliable service life.

With a rotary isolator and on/off/error indicators, it also comes with a 500w high power backward curve centrifugal fan.

Last but by no means least, it has a filter clamp mechanism: the spring loaded, roller bearing filter clamp mechanism includes tubular handles to secure the filters.

OMF1000: The Choice of the Best and the Biggest

With unrivalled credibility and reliability, AirBench’s OMF10 is trusted by some of the biggest and most reputable organisations, including:

  • Studer 145 Grinder (major automotive manufacturer)
  • Doosan DNM650 (major automotive manufacturer)
  • XYZ 250TC Turning Centre (leading fire prevention equipment manufacturer)
  • Chiron Machine Centre (leading precision engineer serving the aerospace sector)
  • YCM NSV102A (subcontract precision CNC manufacturer)
  • Hurco VMX50i (leading precision engineer to oil and gas valve manufacturer)

Choose AirBench – for Unsurpassed Product Reliability

The OMF1000 filter system assures convenience, power, compatibility and efficiency. AirBench will be happy to specify, supply and install your OMF filter – including wiring it to your machine tool for ease of operation. For more information, please call 01206 791191. We look forward to hearing from you!

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