Why Consider Downdraught Extraction?

Fumes and dust are always present in industries such as stone masonry, fabrication, machining and rapid prototyping. Professionals and personnel are exposed to these contaminants every time they work with specific specialised tools, making them extremely vulnerable to certain diseases and other complications which can directly affect their health.

For this reason, managers and officers hand out manuals with hundreds of pages listing safety rules and regulations and employees are cautioned daily by posters and signs displayed on walls around the facilities. To top it all off, personal security is reiterated again and again by employers before employees start with their duties – safety should always come first, no matter what!

Why PPE Matters

One way to avoid workplace hazards in these industries is to train each employee how to effectively use their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE refers to clothing, helmets, shoes, respirators or other garments and equipment specially designed to reduce exposure to diseases and injuries.

While PPEs may aid in keeping employees safe from workplace harm, dust and fumes may still enter their anatomies. These contaminants are often invisible to the naked eye, making them impossible to control manually.

The Downdraught Extraction System Advantage

It is better to go above and beyond to ensure the safety of all personnel. Since PPEs do not necessarily filter all pollutants, the use of downdraught benches could significantly help to remove dust and fumes from within the workplace.

Downdraught benches, such as those manufactured by Airbench, are workbenches with extraction systems. They work by drawing contaminants down through the work surface and into the internal filters. This equipment makes air purification easy, protecting employees from severe diseases such as respiratory and skin illnesses, systematic poisoning and even cancer.

Extraction systems can also reduce the chances of explosions and fires, as dust and other pollutants are combustible in high amounts.

Aside from health and safety, downdraught extraction systems come with other benefits:

Conveniently Portable

Traditional dust extraction systems take up a lot of space because of their size. As a self-contained dust extraction system, the plug-and-go solution from AirBench can be used within fifteen minutes after being delivered. In addition, these systems don’t require any external exhaust as they recirculate clean air into the room. Compared to traditional extraction systems, downdraught benches keep workspaces cooler.

Protects Products and Increases Worker Productivity

Some industries produce immeasurable amounts of dust and fumes that seriously affect visibility. Poor visibility can undermine the quality of finished products, as the precise measuring and cutting of materials is compromised. Airborne dust can also be the cause of product defects as it often finds its way into finishing areas.

Airbench systems gather dust and fumes right at the source so that contaminants can’t gather in the air. Providing a clearer outlook, this allows employees to work more efficiently. Similarly, the necessity to rework on a project or a product will be significantly reduced.


What might seem like an additional cost at first might actually save you more money in the long run. Extraction systems by Airbench can reduce heat by eliminating dust and fumes, thereby making the facility’s air conditioning system more effective – this can significantly reduce electricity consumption.

In industries dealing with high quantities of dust and fumes, lives are always at stake – this doesn’t have to be the case. Take care of your workforce and your products with Airbench, the UK’s number one downdraught bench specialist.

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