Diesel Service Downdraught Bench for Nickel Spraying

Diesel Service in Estonia Extract Dust and Fumes from Nickel Spraying with AirBench FPW

Working closely with our partner Easycut in Estonia, our customer Diesel Service have successfully used AirBench FPW to capture dust, fumes, and overspray from a nickel coating process.

Diesel Service Downdraught Bench for Nickel Spraying

In their process, nickel alloys are spattered onto a metal surface at high temperature to protect the engine components. The airstream is contaminated with highly aggressive metallic vapours and particulates.

Easycut recommended an AirBench FPW complete with additional pre-filtration stages, and a specially strengthened surface to handle 500kg loadings.

Diesel Service have been successfully running this system for over a year now with minimal maintenance or filter costs incurred to date.

Easycut and Diesel Service are both happy to recommend AirBench FPW for this process.

Visit easycut.ee, diesel.ee, or airbench.com for more information, or contact the AirBench team on +44 1206 791191 / sales@airbench.com.

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